Foot Zen lives up to their motto... "Wearing is Believing"

Graduated compression socks are made to prevent swelling in the legs by gently squeezing your legs to move blood up your legs. If you have a job which requires you to be on your feet for extended periods of time, then compression socks are something that could help you. Nursing is one such career where they can be very helpful, helping to prevent swelling in the ankles, feet, and legs which can lead to pain and discomfort as well as preventing varicose veins.

At a recent Uniform Retailers Association (URA) Trade Show I was given a complimentary pair of compression socks from a new company I had not heard of before, Foot Zen.

When it comes to wearing socks I have always had moisture problems, especially when I wear dress socks. Whenever I would have to wear dress socks I would prefer those made from cotton because of how comfortable they were compared to silk; Not only from a comfort standpoint but also from a moisture standpoint. When I would wear those silky type dress socks, it would make my feet very sweaty and cause moisture buildup causing my feet to smell bad. It would be pretty embarrassing to go over to a relatives house for a visit where traditionally in my culture you have to take off your shoes when you walk in the house. I would always have to take my shoes off and head straight to the restroom to wash my feet since I would have bad foot odor from the dress socks causing my feet to sweat.

When I received these complimentary Foot Zen socks at the URA show I was skeptical of how these socks differ from all of the other socks I have tried. I was told that these were special diabetic socks that had a small amount of compression on the top which eliminates binding to allow maximum blood circulation and that they also had ventilation panels that encourage air/moisture exchange to keep feet dry. I was initially impressed with the fabric of the dress socks I received, you can feel the high quality of the socks.

As I read more into the Foot Zen, I learned that these socks were approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association and were accepted for diabetic use. The socks are made from extra fine merino wool with a unique Lanolin treatment along with Mohair, a premium natural fiber prized for its anti-friction characteristics which also works to provide the moisture resilience in the socks.

Before I hopped onto my first flight back to Dallas I decided to use my complimentary socks and give them a test myself. After I put the socks on, I was thinking how thick yet comfortable these socks were. My initial thought was, there is no way these thick, comfy socks would keep my feet dry and that it would only be a matter of time before they started getting sweaty and uncomfortable. When I landed in Atlanta for a 45 minute layover to Dallas, I was surprised to realize I hadn't even payed any attention to my feet. My feet were still as dry as when I had put on my socks that morning and they still felt great. On top of that, most of the dress socks I wear cuts the circulation in my leg after wearing them for awhile, but not these.

Throughout my day of wearing these socks throughout my entire trip back to Dallas it kept my feet dry, it didn't cut the circulation in my leg, and I was glad to have tried them on. Overall, I was very impressed and pleased with the quality and functionality of the Foot Zen socks. I would definitely recommend these socks for diabetics and non-diabetics as well.

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