Group Uniforms Purchasing Guide

Here are five quick points seasoned buyers consider when beginning the process for acquiring new staff uniforms. You'll be sure to save time and headache by following this guide.


Most think of style as a matter of personal preference, but when it comes to a group uniform, the foremost consideration should be what the company wishes to portray to their clientele.   Going with the traditional V-neck top is safe a bet, and will provide your group members with plenty of shopping options.  However to represent the cutting-edge image of some companies, consider the fashion trends such as a cross-over or mock-wrap top paired with a flare leg pant.

Beware: some fashions may only run a few seasons, and will force a switch when it’s time to reorder.  Talk to your retailer, who should be able to find out available inventories and future production plans for the style of interest. 


From Azure Blue to Wink Yellow, your scrub color choice can range the entire visible light spectrum.  For groups, though, it’s safe to choose from the “core colors”: Black, White, Ceil Blue, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Hunter Green, Pewter/Grey, and Wine.  All manufacturers produce these colors and may provide your group with the most flexibility across price ranges if your policy does not restrict a specific brand.  If your group wants to stand out, Hot Pinks, Green Apples and Malibu Blues are vibrant options offered from top brands. 

Size Availability

Be sure to cater to all current and future members of your group.  Are Talls or Plus-Size options available?  For those looking for something trendy, start with brands that became popular through fashion details, since they are more likely to offer these trendy styles in a wide range of size options. 


When selecting fabric, consider cost, climate and special needs.  Fabrics come in a variety of materials, weave, weights and treatments.  The popular 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton blend is a low-cost, soft-yet-durable fabric used in the Wink Origins, Juniper, and Dickies Everyday Scrubs lines.  Prices generally increase as you add more cotton to the blend, and of course, special materials such as spandex or rayon will also increase cost.  Innovative materials such as the Wink Two-Stretch can enhance work performance by stretching with your movements, provide moisture-wicking, and easy care.  Some blends do require special care, such as avoiding a hot an iron.  Be sure to match fabrics in your tops and bottoms.  There is a noticeable shade difference between a Cotton-blend top and a Rayon-blend bottom, even if they’re both labeled as “Navy Blue.”  Finally, consider if anyone in your group is allergic to the chemical fabric softeners sometimes used by textile manufacturers and have an alternative available. 

Uniforms Retailer

The retailer plays a vital role in servicing your order.  We are responsible for offering a wide selection, handling returns and exchanges, providing custom services such as tailoring or embroidery, and inform customers on availability.  You want to choose a retailer that is reliable, quick to service your needs and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We are proud to offer our personal group sales consulting to our any site visitors, and are convinced we can turn you into our customer for life.  If you would like to get in touch with someone, you can use our Contact Form specifying general needs (such as the ones pointed out from this article!), or call our hot-line (877)-4MET-UNI (877-463-8864) and ask for a group sales expert.