MDF® MD One Infant Stainless Steel Dual Head Stethoscope

MDF® MD One Infant Stainless Steel Dual Head Stethoscope
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Handcrafted in the MDF® artisan tradition by master craftsmen since 1971
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Constructed from premium-grade stainless steel, the MDF® MD One™ Infant Stainless Steel Dual-Head stethoscope is one of the most widely sought after professional diagnostic scopes today. MD One™ provides accurate auscultation of heart, lung and blood pressure sounds as well as overall durability and aesthetics.

Chestpiece: The deluxe infant stainless steel MD One™ Dual-Head Chestpiece and full-rotation Acoustic Valve Stem are precisely machined for the highest performance and durability. The Diaphragm is fitted with ultra-sensitive Diaphragm sealed by the non-chill Diaphragm Retaining Ring to provide a secure acoustic transmission. The infant Bell crowned with non-chill Bell Ring provides greater acoustical amplification, isolation of low frequency sounds and offers patient's comfort.
ErgonoMax™ Headset: Machined and polished stainless steel tubes, enclosed internal spring and MDF ComfortSeal™ Eartips are designed for long lasting comfort and high performance acoustic transmission.
Acoustic Tubing: Heavy-walled and internal acoustic pathway in the Y-configuration, the tubing is designed to maintain acoustic integrity. Acoustic Tubes are constructed of non-cracking, non-sticking high-density latex-free PVC.
Accessories: Additional (2) ComfortSeal™ Eartips, (1) ultra-sensitive Diaphragm and (1) ID tag.